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2023 July Parent of the Month - Cammy Mack

Expanding Minds Academy Parent

Brace yourselves as we shine our spotlight on an extraordinary woman redefining parental involvement in education. Meet Cammy Mack, the heart and soul of our 'Parent of the Month' for Expanding Minds Academy.

Exceptional, proactive, devoted, reliable, and caring are just a few words that describe Cammy. For over two years, she has played an instrumental role in her son's education at our Academy. Her dedication is not only awe-inspiring but also contagious. She helps shape her son's journey and sets an example for the entire community.

Cammy has made the art of balancing her duties as a parent with an unwavering commitment to the educational enrichment of her son. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her loyalty and dedication are not occasional; rather, they are qualities she exemplifies daily, cementing her status as a bona fide Rockstar mom.

The 'Parent of the Month' title is a nod to her relentless efforts. But it isn't enough. We need your help to appreciate this Super Mom adequately. Join us in celebrating Cammy Mack. Share your admiration, send your love, and let's together recognize the immeasurable value she brings to our community at Expanding Minds Academy.

Learn more about Expanding Minds Academy's program, and discover what we can offer your families.

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