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Summer Camp

Ignite Curiosity this Summer!

Discover Expanding Minds Academy's Cool Kids Summer Camp Program!

Get ready for a summer of giggles, discoveries, and friendship! Join the fun at Expanding Minds Academy's Cool Kids Summer Camp Program! We're all about merging learning with a lot of fun, and our summer camp is no different. Imagine your child discovering the wonders of nature, the fascinating world of science, and the excitement of technology, all through engaging in STEAM-based activities!


Per Week
for the 1st 10 Cool Kids Enrolled!

We don't just do learning; we make it an adventure. Field trips, hands-on activities, and friendly challenges are all part of the experience, igniting your child's curiosity and encouraging them to explore the world around them. Best of all, they'll be making friends and building memories to last a lifetime.


"Summer camp is not just about fun and games; it's a transformative experience for children. It fosters their independence, builds resilience, and creates lifelong friendships. Through engaging activities and new challenges, summer camp empowers kids to grow, learn, and discover their full potential."   ~ Breanna Kirkland, Founder, Expanding Minds Academy

"Summer is not a pause in learning, but the grand outdoor classroom where kids discover, explore, and grow beyond the walls of a traditional classroom."

Don't miss out on securing your spot in the fun! We've made enrolling super simple to ensure your child gets this unforgettable experience. So why wait? Jump right in and prepare for a summer filled with fun and learning at Expanding Minds Academy!

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