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6 - 12 Years Old

Discover Expanding Minds Academy's School-Age Program

At Expanding Minds Academy, we offer a vibrant School-Age Program designed to provide a balanced environment for children from kindergarten to 5th Grade between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Catering to working parents, our program ensures children's well-being, promoting academic growth and nurturing their inherent talents. We provide safe transportation services with certified bus drivers, seat belts, and thorough attendance checks, ensuring no child is left behind.

Our unique blend of structured supervision and recreational activities, crafted by our experienced educators in Orlando, FL, supports academic advancement and promotes an atmosphere of fun. We offer homework support, age-appropriate classes, team-building games, and scholastic activities to enhance vital skills. Moreover, our program includes timely, nutritious snacks to keep the children healthy and content.

Bridging Education
and Recreation

Participation in our School-Age Program offers numerous benefits to your children. It provides a safe space for them before and after school hours, helps them adhere to a schedule for the timely completion of assignments, and offers opportunities to meet peers and tutors with shared interests. The program encourages the development of unique interests and skills through group activities and fosters physical fitness through outdoor activities.

Children in our program will also experience a multicultural environment, promoting social interaction with diverse backgrounds, forming lasting friendships, and fostering positive values like empathy, sharing, collaboration, and self-esteem. If this vibrant and nurturing environment aligns with your expectations, we invite you to enroll your child at our affordable daycare in Orlando, FL.

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