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Student of the Month

Woohoo! 🎉 You've snagged the spotlight as our "Student of the Month!" Rock on! 🎸 As our student superstar, your tales, tips, and tidbits are pure gold. Dive into our fun questionnaire and sprinkle some of your magic so others can catch a glint of your awesomeness. Don't be shy; the more you spill, the richer the treasure trove for our parent crew. And don't sweat it, this won't gobble up much of your superhero time. High-five for being epic! 🙌

Please upload a few images of yourself and images of you with your child(ren). 

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We hope these questions inspire wonderful reflections and anecdotes! Celebrate the journey of parenthood, and thanks for being our shining star this month! 

You're done and you are a Rockstar!

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"Absolutely love this school and the staff. My daughter has been going for 2 years and she loves it as well. They send updates throughout the day on what they learn and the activities they’ve done which helps me practice with her at home. The curriculum is very interactive and educational. Highly recommend!"


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